Sunday, June 7, 2009

Special Notice + Pearls for June

I love pearls. I'm a June baby and it's one of the birthstones for this month. Currently, there's a nice section devoted to pearl pieces available in my WillOaks Studio Etsy shop. If you also love pearls or are looking for the perfect gift for your special June baby, do take a peek.....

....and please do it soon. I have the opportunity to send a collection of my pieces to a couple of "brick and mortar" venues, for summer (tourist) season displays, later this week (6-10-09) and must remove some work from both my Etsy shop and my ArtFire shop to complete these collections. But, dear readers, I want to give my "online customers" first dibs on any work they may have been eyeing, so please, if you're interested in any of the pieces in my shops, do drop me a note, an email, or a convo and let me know, because I'm happy to hold these back.

Not to worry, there will still be work available in each studio...and I'm always working to make new things...but just in case you were watching and waiting for that "right time" to buy one of my original pieces listed now...I would love to hear from you in the next few days so I can hold it back from the shipments I'm assembling now.

...and thanks to all who have supported my work with purchases, and kind remarks! I'm grateful that you choose to support artists during these tough economic times! And honored that you enjoy and appreciate my wearable artwork!

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