Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shades of Pinks

I remember a naive idea I once had when starting an earlier garden, some years ago, while living on our farm in Iowa. I was in the beginning stages of figuring out what plantings I wanted to put where, and I decided I was going to leave the color "pink" out of the gardens. Well, it was hard to accomplish and eventually, I gave up that idea. These days, I find I just adore the color pink and am awed by the rich variations available in this color. In fact, the three colors: pink, burgundy and yellow (or greenish yellow) were the three main colors I started to work with when planning these current gardens.

The images I'm using here are by no means complete, but rather are more examples of PINK that don't duplicate other recent images. I have no idea if pink is popular, this year, in the world of fashion....but I like to wear it, I like to use it and I like to look at it, so as I look through the gardens and these images, I definitely intend to add more pink to my wearable art collection!


Split Rock Ranch said...

Absolutely gorgeous flowers!

Pink said...

Super nice! I wish there were that many shades of pink in my garden!

ArtSnark said...

Gorgeous! My son's favorite color is pink - will have to show him this post tomorrow :D


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