Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's been hard to take photos in the garden the past couple of days. For one thing, it's been very breezy outside (lots of blurry images, that's for sure!) and for another--glaring sunshine. It's difficult to shoot "objects" in such harsh light but fortunately, in the evenings, I can find the light softer and/or there's more shade cast by trees and things.

More different Clematis are opening or on the verge of bloom; my collection of salmon and peach poppies are almost all in blossom; the buds of more peony varieties open every day. I never realized that new poppies close their petals in the evening, and yes, there are lots of ants on the peonies.

The rain has stopped for the moment, though we hear that more storms are expected later this weekend. Wind and heavy rain NOT GOOD for big, blooming flowers. Hoping for the best....

I'll be in the "Show case" sections of Etsy over the next 3 days. Look for my link in "Jewelry" on Friday and Saturday, and on the "Main Showcase" on I'm still showing up in the Gifts Guide for June Pearls!! Stop by when you have a chance!

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grouse.and.badger said...

I've given you the "One Lovely Blog Award". Come by and check it out!


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