Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Updates

OK, so I came in 6th place...but actually, this was a very good learning experience for me! It's truly important, as we all learned back in art school to concentrate, first and foremost, on making "good work." Putting time and effort into the best photography, especially if the web is your venue, is probably the second most critical element. And then, the third priority is to connect with others and get it "out there."
I feel pretty good, with my work, about the first and second points...and need to continue to grow and learn the ways and means for the third point, which I still consider to be pretty difficult. So this little exercise (oops, I mean photo contest) helped me stretch and reach out more than ever before as I knew this really wasn't about "a great photo" but rather, it was about who could solicit the most votes. And that is a big challenge.
So I'm very happy to see I managed to convince 101 individuals to visit and vote. I'm delighted by all the lovely comments that were left behind--that was frosting on the cake!! And so I thank everyone who did visit my photo and cast a vote for me....this has been an excellent learning exercise.

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