Friday, May 29, 2009

Not the Garden...the Studio

Pearls, Peridot and Leather necklace

Fuschia Cluster necklace

I have been distracted from the studio, just a little, by all the wonderful work and sights in the garden and the campground as I've been sharing here....but in fact, yes, I'm still in studio mode, too, as much as possible. Here are three new neck pieces that I recently finished and am planning to put into my etsy and artfire shops over the weekend. The garden inspiration is really obvious, as it is that season for me here and I'm just revelling in it, but there are other new pieces that are just fun and summery, too.

As soon as these new pieces are posted for sale, I'll hotlink these photos....and yes, they are so new and newly photographed, I haven't even put titles on them yet!! Dear blog are the first to get a peek and thanks for looking!

P.S. I just learned that a pair of my earrings are included in this lovely blog tkdesigns-natureinspired as part of her picks of the week!! Nice nature inspired blog...take a look!


ArtSnark said...

The gardening-bug is going around ;D Lovely pieces!The last 1 reminds me of the bleeding hearts.

No pics of my chinese lantern - sigh. DH cut it back (as it was eating the nearby plants & starting to creep up the house) before i could get a shot.

Congrats on the blog mention! off to check it out

Over The Top Aprons said...

Very beautiful, delicate and feminine.

WillOaks Studio said...

Thank you! I really enjoy your cool aprons, too! Yep, they are completely unique.


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