Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Lots of hard, physical labor here on the farm the past couple of days. The weather was really fine for outdoor work and around this time of year, I've learned that one must use every good day to try to keep up with a lot of landscaping tasks. No doubt, there will still be many very cold and very wet days before May 1, when we re-open the campground.

And then, there is the wonder, the miracles both tiny and large, that the season offers. The sandhill cranes--LOTS of them--are on the move. Many flocks flew overhead today, almost like a crescendo to the trickle we've noted the past few days. I find these birds truly hypnotic and completely enchanting and no doubt, there will be a few nesting pairs in our neighborhood again this year!

Spring bulbs are beginning to wake up....Mariah rediscovers the crab apple tree....and I'm currently baffled by a new design challenge. Three large white pines had to be cut down last fall and this is presently quite an eyesore, dead center in the front yard. To be continued, obviously!

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