Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Cat, The Orchid & A Nice Surprise

Mariah is tired of being indoors all the time. Note how dusty she is? It was almost warm here today, so she experimented with doing the outside rounds, which always include a sort of dust bath as in laying on her back and sort of wallowing in a patch of dry, open soil. But talk about a "come hither" look....and what about those peridot green eyes?

A beautiful unnamed orchid began to bloom here yesterday (that makes 6 now blooming) and I'm trying to use it as a photo prop. It's not growing at a great angle so not sure how it will work once these images are finally edited. A huge pregnant bud seen here will probably be open tomorrow. I can't believe I forgot to just photograph the plant and flower but I did. Right now, this shot is the only image I made with a partial of the open flower. And to be honest? I'm really not too sure about this pair of earrings (remember I mentioned earlier that many things "don't make the cut!")
And I finished this new pair today in time to get started photographing them...and what a nice surprise: A friend dropped by for a nice springy supper of asparagus soup (the last from frozen spears from last year's harvest--new harvest should begin in 5 to 7 weeks!) She saw these new earrings and promptly bought them. Sooooo...although my whole "evolving season of flowers" concept here is still growing (see below) this particular "branch" is barely in progress and I was happy I got the photo here, at least!

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