Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Little Like Hunting for Easter Baskets

Wow, I just found my first ever comment on my work in a blog! Made me feel just great-check it out at http://indieicing.com/2009/open-heart/ I need to say "thank you" to J.B., the indie behind this blog.

But truly, I'm finding this whole blog-web-electronic media world kind of overwhelming. I imagine it's ignorant to admit this, given the times we live in, the way we live and communicate and all. But THERE'S JUST TOO MUCH STUFF (for me.) How in the world does one get through it all and still have time to make NEW stuff happen?

OK, "time" is definitely on my mind and it's difficult. A friend of mine, since about age 5, has just begun hospice. I have to deal with this and I'm kind of mixed up. In fact, for me, the past 6 months have included one loss after another. So I'm acting like a turtle and pulling into my shell, acting like an ostrich and hiding my head, acting like my cat and crawling into the closet-under the clothes. All the same instinct, denial and avoidance. And what do I do when I'm in this mode? If possible, I go make stuff....

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