Friday, January 23, 2009

Playing with Copper

Sometimes, it all just starts with lots of bits, lots of units or pieces or whatever word fits best. And the past week or so, copper was in my focus.

There's just something enthralling here with my new found experiments in copper. I have no idea if anything is quite adding up yet, but pushing around the wire, the bits and pieces has been such a great design assignment.

The mix of these amazing peach tinted baroque pearls with the warm, firey, coppery metal is really inspiring to me.

What happens when I use discs? Flat discs, discs that I pounded into sort of curved cups.

And taking 20 gauge wire, forming into different ear wire shapes, laying out all these bits and trying to put them together.

And finally, my signature heart, done many times in silver but quite satisfying in copper, too!

And while I'm on the subject of experimenting...getting the hang of basic "layout" in this Google blog program is quite challenging. Somehow, it just doesn't quite do what I expect it to do yet. Well, January's theme is, apparently, "experimentation."

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