Friday, January 23, 2009

Busted Busts Bugging Me

Well, since those neck pieces all sold (I'm thrilled and kind of shocked!) I decided I had to keep that whole direction going and growing. Newer versions of that idea were posted in my Etsy store, mostly as they were made between late December and sometime last week. I'm grouping these together for a side by side pearly piece that's coming up shortly.

And another experiment: I decided I really didn't like the look of those molded "busts" for display...and I didn't have a "necklace model" available so I just rigged up a way to do it myself. There's something about those busts that's just not right. Neck pieces just don't hang on them as they do on a "real neck." It was bugging me a lot. Compare:

Asymmetry Rocks Necklace

Thaw Necklace

Winter Crab Apple Tree Necklace

I don't see a lot of "live bodies" showing wearable art on Etsy. At least not for jewelry pieces. Mostly, live folks are used for clothing, some hats and so forth. I'm happy when a piece can be used to make a nice "object" photos....but to show how the piece fits, hangs, wears? I guess I'm experimenting with better ways to communicate that here. Somehow, those busts just aren't doing for me after my month long infatuation....

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